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CHAIR by Joey Merlo 

2022, Bring a Weasel and a Pint of Your Own Blood, The Tank NYC

Chair (A Vaudevillian Horror). An archetypal straight couple (Babe and Hun) is seduced and subverted by a seemingly inanimate Chair they find on an empty city street. The Chair is made of skin, with blemishes and freckles, dry patches, and hair. It sweats. It shivers and pulsates. Chair brings the couple to life in unexpected ways and causes them to question their desires and the boundaries of their relationship. Think shadows, smoky-green lights, and strobe. A minimalist set with an emphasis on inviting the audience to imbue the inanimate with life.

Lighting Designer / Matt Deinhart

Costumes Designer / Xindi Xu

Props & Set Designer / Euxuan Ong

Sound Designer / ien DeNio

Babe / Rebecca Robertson

Hun / Curtis Gillen
Creature/ Spencer Novic

Photos Courtesy of:  Maria Baranova 
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