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Song of Joy by Carol Mazhuvancheril 

2021, The Tank NYC
Song of Joy was presented, in part, with support from The Tank and The Center at West Park.

Song of Joy is an autobiographical play written and performed by Carol Mazhuvancheril, that explores what it’s like growing up immigrating to multiple countries from a young age, and how that shapes an individual and their family. Throughout the play, Carol explores what it means to define “home” in places that are foreign, and far from his original home of Kerala, South India.

Lead Producer(s): Carol Mazhuvancheril, Lauren Gundrum, & Nick J. Browne. 
Set & Lighting Design: Matthew Deinhart

Costume Design: Xindi Xu
Sound Design: Sara Vandenheuvel
Choreography: Alisha Desai

Photos Courtesy of: Johnny Pozzi
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