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I have been leading and teaching view points since 2016, often leading what I call Jam Sessions with the company FKA the Tribe NYC. These sessions blend mindfulness/ mediation with viewpoints and acting/ text work. I was a 2020-2021 graduate teaching fellow and adjunct professor at Brooklyn College where I taught Intro to Acting and Intro to theatre. 



I believe that each student is infinitely unique, therefore there is no one size fits all approach. Like the creation of theatre itself, teaching must focus on the process not the product. And as theatre is a collaborative process, I see myself as a collaborator in each student’s artistic development.

While demystifying the craft of theatre making and character building I strive to...

1. Help each student identify, embrace and believe in the power of their own voice. Both as an instrument of communication and as an aspect of who they are.
2. Inspire creativity, and curiosity through movement exercises that help develop student’s physical instrument (their body.)
3. Expose students to a variety of exercises and techniques that are foundational in acting and breaking down a script.
4. Conduct classroom as an ensemble to illustrate the importance listening and working together to accomplish a task.

Through this focus on collaboration, communication, technique, and ensemble building I aim to meet each student’s unique needs as they begin to develop their own process.

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